Why Choose Us?

We are proud to be Official Tour Operator for the following events:

  • Tour de France: 2017 marks our 12th anniversary and we are the longest running official Operator in the industry! (beware of imitators and ask specific questions about the Tour operator’s experience)
  • Giro d’Italia
  • World Cycling Championships Richmond 2015
  • Gran Fondo Etape du Tour

When traveling with us you can expect:

  • Small group sizes
  • In-depth knowledge of the destinations and cultures from our experienced, bilingual staff members
  • Prompt and personalized service from your first contact with us to the end of your trip

Our cycling trips are second to none and are flexible to accommodate anyone: from the performance cyclist who wishes to ride a century daily to the more casual riders. Our Non-Cycling trips cater to cycling fans who wish to enjoy the race without riding.

Our trips can be fully catered or not, cycling or not, with VIP access and in durations from just a couple of days to entire events. We also offer custom trips and the widest selection of One Day VIP experiences.

Our experience with Europe is one of the best in the industry. Our staff combines over 50 years of living in Europe and the people setting up our trips go over 4 or 5 times a year and spend about 4 months a year traveling. Our extensive network of local resources and connections to the racing world enables us to accommodate just about any request.