24 hours of Le Mans



 24 Hours of Le MANS



June 11th to June 18th, 2009



Trip facts:

24 Hours of Le Mans 2009

Rate : $8975.00/person in double occupancy -

7 nights, 8 days  -  June 11th to June 18th

Pick-up and Drop-off in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG)

HIGHLIGHTS: Le Mans race + helicopter ride + pits + follow a driver and team + driving a race prepared Ferrari with professional instruction + Chateau of the Loire region

OPTIONS: Pre-trip to visit the Castles of the Loire region - Post-trip to visit Paris - Trip insurance


!!! At the time we publish this webpage Stephane Daoudi is tied for the lead in RC Cup. The winner of this Championship will be given a seat in the Peugeots which will be racing against Audi for the overall win of the 2007 LeMans !!!



Don't just watch LeMans; LIVE IT!


This trip is best understood in superlative - the nicest hotel in Le Mans, following a team and pilot as if you were part of a team and not just from the stands, racing one of the Ferraris used by JMB Racing and so much more!


This is a special trip designed for people who won't be satisfied with just seeing the race on a large screen TV or from the side of the track. During this exciting week, you will be able to follow the try-outs and the race of course, but also get up close and personal with our driver, Stephane Daoudi.

This is truly a unique experience, seldom made available to the public. We will follow the qualifications on Thursday 15th with a special eye for Stephane Daoudi's team car. On Friday 16th we will take part in a exciting day of driving. You will be able to go behind the wheel of a race prepared Ferrari and Stephane himself will give you pointers, techniques, and instruction on how to master a true race track sports car. The race will take place from Saturday 17th at 5:00pm to Sunday 18th at 5:00pm. Please read more details about the trip below.

The Track
The "circuit of the 24 hours" is situated just south of the city of Le Mans, the capital of the region of La Sarthe. The first motor race at Le Mans was the Grand Prix of the Auto Club De France on 26/27th June 1906 but not on the current circuit. It took place on an immense 60 mile, triangular course to the east of the city passing through the eastern fringes of Le Mans and La Ferte Bernard in the north and St Calais to the south. This historic first event was won by Francois Szisz in the innovative 90 bhp shaft drive 1906 Renault at an average speed of 62.88 mph over 769.3 miles.


The Grand Prix of the ACF was held (roughly) on the site of the modern track between 1911 and 1913. The Automobile Club de L'Ouest (ACO) was formed after WW1 and the 'long' circuit was established (10.73 miles) reaching as far as Pontlieu to the north of Tertre Rouge.

The Grand Prix of 1921 was among various races that were held at the circuit in the early twenties until the 24 hour race was initiated in 1923. The long circuit was kept for six years, but the Pontlieu hairpin was deemed too a hazardous and the course was cut to the Tertre Rouge corner of today in 1929.

In 1932 a road was constructed linking the start/finish area on the RN113 over the RN158 near Tertre Rouge, reducing the length of the circuit to 8.38 miles. The length was reduced again in 1955 to 8.36 miles when the Arnage area was altered.

1968 saw a chicane added before the pits entry, and in 1974 the 'Virage Ford' chicane was implemented. In 1986 the Mulsanne corner was altered to make way for a modified roundabout. At that time the circuit was 8.47 miles long and remained substantially unchanged until the arrival of the Mulsanne chicanes in 1990.

Schedule (2006)
Monday 11th June Arrival at Paris CDG Airport and transfer to Le Mans. Time to get over jet-lag and special dinner with LeMans driver.




Tuesday 12th June Visite of Loire Valley Castles, Auto Museum
Wednesday 13th June 10.00 am : Team Managers' Briefing
1.00 pm : Traffic interruption - Beginning of track preparation
2.00 pm to 4.00 pm: Pitwalk
4.00 pm: Drivers’ Briefing “24 HEURES DU MANS”
7.00 pm to 9.00 pm: 1st qualifying practice session "24 Heures du Mans"
10 pm to midnight: 1st qualifying practice session "24 Heures du Mans"
You'll be taking the wheel of your race prepared Ferrari Modena 360
Best lap, pays a round of drinks!
Thursday 14th June 9.00 am to 1.00 pm: Administrative checking and Scrutineering
“ACO CENTENARY RACES” (Quinconces des Jacobins)
1.00 pm: Traffic interruption - Beginning of track preparation
2.00 am to 4.00 pm: Pitwalk
3.00 pm: Drivers’ Briefing “ACO CENTENARY RACES”
4.00 pm: Pre-Grid “ACO CENTENARY RACES“
4.30 pm to 6.30 pm: Timed Practice Sessions “ACO CENTENARY RACES”
7.00 pm to 9.00: 2nd qualifying practice session "24 Heures du Mans"
10.00 pm to midnight: 2nd qualifying practice session "24 Heures du Mans"
Friday 15th June YOUR TURN TO RACE!!!
You'll be taking the wheel of your race prepared Ferrari Modena 360
Best lap, pays a round of drinks!
View the race parade in the streets of Le Mans
Saturday 16th June 6.00 am: Traffic interruption - Beginning of track preparation
6.30 am: Setting up of safety facilities
7.00 am: Deadline for access to the track for safety facilities
7.30 am: Track Opening
9.00 am to 9.45 am : Warm-up "24 Heures du Mans"
9.30 am: Pre-Grid “ACO CENTENARY RACES” (1st Race)
10.00 am: Ear of corn positioning “ACO CENTENARY RACES”
Start behind the Pace-Car
10.15 am: Rolling Start “ACO CENTENARY RACES” (1st Race)
10.15 am: Pre-Grid “ACO CENTENARY RACES” (2nd Race)
10.55 am: Finish & Podium “ACO CENTENARY RACES” (1st Race)
11.30 am: Rolling Start “ACO CENTENARY RACES” (2nd Race)
12.10 pm: Finish & Podium “ACO CENTENARY RACES” (2nd Race)
12.30 pm to 1.30 pm: Pitwalk
12.30 pm to 1.00 pm: Motoring Cavalcades (3 Laps) + Ear of corn positioning
1.45 to 2.30 pm: Ear of corn "24 Heures du Mans"
2.30 to 3.45 pm: Drivers’ Presentation
3.45 pm: Official Opening of the Track
4.00 pm to 4.10 pm: Broadcasting of Drivers’ and Competitors’ anthems
4.00 pm to 4.10 pm: Official Homage
Presentation of the “24 HEURES DU MANS” Trophy
4.22 pm: Beginning of starting procedure "24 Heures du Mans"
5.00 pm: Start of the 74th "24 Heures du Mans" race
Sunday 17th June 5.00 pm: Finish of the 74th race "24 Heures du Mans" race
Price-giving ceremony on the podium
Celebratory Dinner
Monday 18th June Early Transfer to Paris Airport or other location if extending.
You race a Ferrari:
We'll be taking a private plane to get to our track. The flight is about 1 hour and we will be landing directly on the track; so no additional commute is necessary.
Here is why we have teamed up with JMB racing and Stephane Daoudi for this awesome day

JMB racing:

13 international titles since 1995, among which :

- 2001 World Champion N-GT FIA

- 2002 World Champion N-GT FIA runner-up in 2002 et 2003.

First team in France to offer training on actual competition Ferraris.

The cars you will be driving are actual competition Ferraris; Ferrari 360 Modena challenge... if you're familiar, you can imagine, if not, you'll soon discover! 400hp for about 2500lbs and a top speed of 300km/h.

Who will be training you:

The entire staff is first class all of the way and very professional. Mechanics are specially trained on Ferraris.

Your instructor Stephane Daoudi will be racing the 24 hours of LeMans and will take you through the paces of racing these cars of various tracks.


                   JMB Racing

Stephane Daoudi:
No one can describe Stephane better than he can. His official site www.stephanedaoudi.com and his rankings and best finishes can been seen at: http://www.stephanedaoudi.com/palmares.html
The site is in French but you will easily understand that we are dealing with a very competitive pilot!
If you need help translating any of this, please feel free to ask.