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June 5th - June 27th, 2011


We have run this similar trip in 2006, 2007 and 2009 and for the cycling enthusiast, it is an experience second to none. In a nutshell; the trip consists on riding the entire Tour. Slight modifications are made as required for safety reasons. Most notably, large Urban areas which are simply too congested to ride safely may be avoided, or multi-lane roads (which won't be closed when we ride) are replaced with alternate itineraries. Other than that, you will be riding the same stages daily and we will provide support on these rides. The number of participants is purposely limited to 6 participants to keep things manageable. A second trip will run concurrent should the number of participants grow past this limit. The most grueling mountain stages may be split in two ride days.


You can expect beautiful sites and scenery and great food, but the entire emphasis of the trip is on the ride itself. This should be considered as a Challenge trip more than a scenic or relaxing vacation. Hotels are mostly for one nights, however whenever possible we have scheduled multiple night stays.


Two staff members will handle the logistics and will be on the bike to encourage you and provide assistance if/when needed.


In 2007 and 2009, many city officials accepted to sign, have pictures taken or otherwise recognize the efforts of our riders and we will be contacting the cities to setup a similar personal log book which you will keep as a precious witness to this great accomplishment.


New in 2011;

Garmin Edge units will be provided for the length of the trip.


Please read below for:  daily itinerary - what's included.


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Rate: Discounted rate of $9995.00 if paid by check or wire transfer. Regular rate is $10475

23 nights, 24 days  -  June 4th to June 27th

Pick-up in Nantes on June 4th / Drop-off in Paris CDG airport on June 27th

Highlights: Ride the entire 2011 Tour

OPTIONS: Trip insurance


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  Date Day KMs Miles
1 4-Jun We will pick-up at Nantes TGV train station at 1pm and go straight to our first hotel where bikes will be built up. We won't waste much time as we will then ride the final 110km of stage 1 and the 23km of the Team Time Trial. Night in Bourgneuf en Retz 135 84.4
2 5-Jun Our timing is critical as we will ride over the passage du Gois today and cycle the 80km of stage 1 we did not ride yesterday. This will place us very near the start location of stage 3 and we will ride the first 70km of that stage. Night in Bourgneuf en Retz 150 93.8
3 6-Jun We are finishing stage 3 today. A slightly shorter distance as the next few days will include some of the longer stages. Night in Pontivy 130 81.3
4 7-Jun We will be riding stage 4 and get a head start on the lengthy stage 5 by riding the initial 40km. Pontivy 170 106.3
5 8-Jun We will ride stage 5 entirely + the first 40km of stage 6 as it is quite long and there is a fair distance to travel to get to the start of stage 7. Near Mont St Michel 200 125.0
6 9-Jun Ride the remaining 186km of stage 6. Night in Lisieux 185 115.6
7 10-Jun We'll start the day with a transfer to LeMans and ride stage 7 entirely. This is the longest leg of the trip (in distance). Night in Chateauroux 215 134.4
8 11-Jun Stage 8 is over 200km and ends with an uphill finish, so we'll break this stage in 2 and ride the initial 150km today. Night near Clermont Ferrand 150 93.8
9 12-Jun We'll finish stage 8 (58km) and will also ride the initial 60km of stage 9 which is another difficult +200km stage. Those who wish to keep the total ride distance closer to the "real deal" can also ride the 35km between the end of st. 8 and start of st. 9. Night in St Flour 155 96.9
  13-Jun with quite a few hills remaining on stage 9, finishing the stage is "all" that we will attempt today. Night in St Flour 150 93.8
10 14-Jun Ride a rolling stage 10. Night in Toulouse 160 100.0
11 15-Jun ride stage 11. Night in Toulouse 170 106.3
12 16-Jun Stage 12 is broken into 2 distinct part. A longer portion to get into the Pyrenees followed by 3 climbs including Tourmalet and Luz Ardidens. We will ride the first portion of the stage + the initial climb (Hourquette). Evening will be the 1st of 3 nights in the same hotel at the base of the Tourmalet!!! 160 100.0
13 17-Jun A short but "hilly" ride as we cover the col du Tourmalet + Luz Ardidens to finish stage 12 75 46.9
14 18-Jun We are riding stage 13. Only one difficulty on the day but a sizeable one; the col d'Aubisque 156 97.5
15 19-Jun One more stage in the Pyrenees before giving our legs a short break from the climbing. We will ride stage 14 finishing on the Plateau de Beille. Riding back down the from the final climb will get us closer to the official total. Evening in beautiful Carcassonne 183 114.4
  20-Jun We'll get an early start to ride nearly all of stage 15. The arrival on Montpellier is to congested to complete entire stage, but we'll have "make up distance". Night in Poulzilhac 190 118.8
16 21-Jun Riding stage 16 today will take us into the Alps. No major difficulties just yet, apart from an average climb before the arrival in Gap. Night in Corps  163 101.9
17 22-Jun We will ride stage 17 into Italy today. Our only incursion outside of France and will see our second pass at +2000m elevation today as well. 179 111.9
18 23-Jun We've got a series of mountain stages to ccomplish and stage 18 requires breaking up the itinerary. We will ride the first 155km of the stage and visit the col Agnel - highest pass of this trip at 2744m. Night in St Veran 120 75.0
19 24-Jun we are finishing stage 18 today. "Just" 90km, but 2 HC climbs with the col d'Izoard and col du Galibier (via col du Lautaret). You will also be able to add the 25km downhill to St Michel de Maurienne to keep the total distance close to the Official 2011 TDF. Night in St Jean de Mauriennee 115 71.9
20 25-Jun Stage 19 is a "shorty but a goody". The 109km from Modane to Alpe d'Huez include the col du Telegraphe, Galibier and finally Alpe d'Huez. This realtively short distance will also enable us to ride the 41km of the Final Time Trial around Grenoble. We'll plan a late train to Paris to be on site to ride the final leg tomorrow morning. Night in Paris 150 93.8
21 26-Jun We'll get up very eary sto start riding from Creteil at the first signs of daylight. The ride will be a short 20km, but we will be done in time to enjoy a copious breakfast. There will be some time for a bit of R&R and visit of Paris, before a farewell dinner together this evening. Night in Paris 20 12.5
    TOTAL Distance 3481 2176


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  • Transportation throughout
  • Hotel room based on double occupancy. Hotels are 2 and 3 stars with convenience being the priority after cleanliness and private baths. Whenever possible (especially in the mountains) we use hotels we visit regularly.
  • All breakfasts at the hotels
  • All but four Dinners
  • Use of Garmin Edge units with each stage mapped out.
  • Deluxe Minibus with a/c, ample room for luggage and bikes
  • Support vehicle with water and snacks
  • Bi-lingual group Leader / Bike Guide
  • Excellent support to guest ratio of about 1:3
  • Tour de France Road Book (not available to the general public) showing full details of stages, profiles etc etc (print time may delay the attribution of the books to the end of the Trip).
  • Cycling Jerseys (2)
  • Detailed cue
  • Cards, directions, maps, profile of stages, daily.
  • Great flexibility in accommodating the group
  • A Log book with daily mileage, notes, etc and a place for City/Town/Village officials to sign